Grandfather with Joana and Benjamin, Macau, 1997.

My Grandfather left me with many wonderful memories and he is very special to me. He always did his utmost to show his love for his grandchildren and I have often wished that I had more opportunities to show him how mush love I had for him. During these past few months in which he was painfully sick, I have thought and prayed often for him not wanting him to ever leave yet knowing that his suffering needed to be over. Now that he has passed on before us I feel sadness but also peace for I know that he has only gone on to a better place; a place where I will go too, one day. There it is that we will have many more wonderful times together.


There is no death, not for the Christian.

Only the soul's blessed release from dark prison into a palace.

Only a golden key that unlocks the treasures of eternity.

No you are not dead.

You'll be alive when the mountains are gone.

Alive when the rivers cease their running toward the sea!

You've gone higher, that's all.

Out of this old mud shack, into a house that is immortal, A body that no enemy can attack.

Dust thou art, to dust thou shall return- was not spoken of the spirit.

You don't really die; you just keep on living, and go straight into the presence of the Lord!

I weep because I miss you.

If I were unselfish I would be rejoicing with you, thanking God that your troubles are over!

No more crying, no more pain, no more sorrow.

Nothing but eternal happiness in Heaven forever!

Yet, we are so selfish about death.

We count our grief far more than your joy.

- Anonymous-

But still, you remain in our hearts and live on in our memories and I know that one day the Lord shall wipe away all the tears from our eyes.



  Dedicated by Joana Soares - August 23rd 2010