Grandfather with Gloria, USA, 2000

Gloria,(11) China, 2010


My memories of my granddad who passed away recently, and whom I love very much.

I don't have many memories of being in America with granddad because at that time I was only1 year old. But my fondest memory of him is the time he bought a pair of white tennis shoes for me and he put them on my feet. I also remember he used to hold me in his arms and I would see those blue as the sea eyes. They are only small memories but they will always float around in my mind. I didn't spend a lot of time with granddad but I feel like I knew him forever. I feel sad that he passed away but I know that he is enjoying a place ten times as wonderful as here, and feels no pain. I just want to say,'' I love you Granddad'', and I know one day I'll see you again in eternity.


  Dedicated by Gloria Soares - August 23rd 2010