From Cristiana. Dedication to Grandfather.

I remember well the great times we spent together when I was 10, on our trip to the States.

Granddad, I love you very much and this poem is for you:

A few precious scenes float through my mind,
Of days I was with you when I was a child.
Saddened to know that now you are gone,
Yet no need for tears as your memory lives on.

I remember the day that we arrived,
Such a look of love, those blue eyes did shine.
Memories of cherries, laughter and you,
To this little girl her granddad was cool.

How great to say “Grandpa", I love you too,
So hard to say goodbye, hope to see you soon.
Years they have passed, life kept us apart.
But granddad didn't change, no, not in my heart.

You have always been a part of my life,
Though ever separate by distance and time.
We've had little time in this life together,
But one day, I know, that we'll have forever.










  Dedicated by Cristiana Soares - August 20th 2010